Hello, World!

I'm a guy with computers for hobbys apparently.
Once i was root @ nasa.gov, if you may belive.
One of my last names used to be Dvergsnes,
family changed named but we are still Dvergsnes people. Tranlated from Norwegian to English DvergsNes transelates
into The Dwars On The Ness , ness or headland,, (a costal landform)
We used to own a big piece of land named Dvergsnes, including
the island named Dvergs 0ya, trasnlated to Dwarfs Island.
Until the king of my country STOLE ,, or in his language,,
he "expropriated" our island,, he forced us to sell it at no cost.
as you may guess, im no big fan of royals. =)

"In computers i trust -dwarfy me-"